Semaglutide Mixing instructions

Guide for Safe usage 

Dosing and Injection instructions

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semaglutide usage schedule

The dosage escalation schedule is based on clinical studies and is recommended only. This schedule is not mandatory for every patient as each individual responds differently to the medication. If semaglutide is working for you on the lower dosages, you may stay on the lower dosages for as long as you want, and increase the dose whenever you need it (for example, if you have plateaued in your weight loss). It is also recommended that you do not increase the dosage if you cannot tolerate the escalation. In this case, consider delaying the dose increase or reducing the dose for a few weeks.

Semaglutide comes in 2mg Lypholised powder vials, manufactured by Avex Pharma.   You can choose any dose by desired needed effect.

You must combine semaglutide powder and bacteriostatic water before injecting it into your body. The guidelines are provided below. Your desired dose will determine how much bacteriostatic water you need, as shown in the accompanying table.

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How to prepare Semaglutide solution

Semaglutide is available as a lypholised powder that must be combined with bacteriostatic water before usage.

A liquid for injections called “bacteriostatic water” has 0.9% benzyl alcohol in it as an antibacterial preservative.

The steps for properly mixing semaglutide are listed below.


Clean Your Hands and gather needed materials

You will need:

  • semaglutide vial;
  • bacteriostatic water vial;
  • 100 IU/1 ml syringe with a needle;
  • alcohol pad;
  • sharps disposal container for a needle.

Prepare the materials for mixing

Remove the protective caps from your semaglutide vial and bacteriostatic water vial. Clean the top of each vial with an alcohol pad.

Attach the needle to your syringe. Do not touch the needle with your fingers, and do not let the needle touch any other surface.


Draw up the bacteriostatic water

Depending on your bundle, you will need either 1 ml (100 IU) or 2 ml (200 IU) of bacteriostatic water.

To draw up the water, hold the bacteriostatic water vial upside down and insert the needle into the rubber cap. Slowly pull back the plunger to the 1 ml (100 IU) mark.


Inject bacteriostatic water into the Semaglutide vial

After the bacteriostatic water has entered the syringe to the appropriate amount, take the syringe of water and insert it into the semaglutide vial.

Slowly inject all of the water into the semaglutide vial. If you feel pressure, stop and let it level out before moving on. After the bacteriostatic water has entered the vial, pull the needle out of the vial.

If you need 2 ml (200 IU) of bacteriostatic water, repeat steps 3 and 4 inject another 1 ml (100 IU) of water into the semaglutide vial.


Gently swirl the solution

Gently swirl the solution in a circular motion until the semaglutide powder and bacteriostatic water completely combine. Do not shake the solution.

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